The way in which you have handled [...] Lockdown2000 is brilliant, my respect goes to you and your team on a job well done - keep up the good work.


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I saw the information posted on your great site about
security s/ware and was very amazed that you didnt rate it highly. Since
reading into your site fully and getting a better understanding Ive
changed firewalls and taken advantage of the many d/loadable products
you have here.


Yet another lost soul saved! Hallelujah! Seriously, for those of you that haven't read it, here's my recent article about Lockdown 2000.

Hello John,

been checking out your Antionline site for a few weeks now and think it's pretty cool so far! I don't agree with "everything" you write/say but hey, that's what makes us human! I just had a quick question regarding your recent hack incident, are you guys going to press charges/pursue formal prosecution for the individual behind it? I've always wondered how security sites in general handle this and how many of them actually file for motions to put the person in legal "jeopardy". Anywayz, that's just my question I realize you're busy so keep the news n' stories coming!


We've gotten over 9 million hack attempts since I first started AntiOnline. If we tried to prosecute each user that tried to break into us, we'd need the FBI to start up AIPC (AntiOnline's Infrastructure Protection Center) or something. I figure the "process" has better things to do with their resource.

Subject: The site defacer...

Have you offered him a job? :-)

I have long believed that if companies would reward these guys, like giving them scholarship awards, instead of prosecution, their systems would be far safer.

Most of these guys are high schoolers wanting a challenge, with loads of time. Motivate them to get better, but in a positive way. It is far cheaper to give out scholarships for the average company than it is to put in the same man-hours to prove its systems are hack-proof.

It would work like this: You hack into our site. You tell us how you did it before telling anybody in the world. You get an award. Of course, the hack must not damage any critical systems our company needs. Oh, and one other thing. The early bird gets the worm. The others merely get acknowledgement.

The result would be much safer systems that even professional, hostile spies/hackers would have one very difficult time getting into, for a fraction of the cost.

The actual contractual arrangement would obviously need working out. For example, Sun Microsystems would put a "hackers challenge" icon on the first page of their website. That would spell out the terms and conditions for the reward, including how to report and prove the hack.

The same spirit is behind the GNU and Linux software. Free source code makes for free efforts with many more people trying it out. The result is often better than the commercial efforts.


Now there's a concept. Instead of punishing our nation's felons, we'll reward them! If we're going to give scholarships for hackers, we'd have to come up with one hell of a big prize for murderers and rapists. A trip to the Bahamas perhaps? A new car? A house? I guess we as a nation could let Bob Barker decide such things.....

I have regularly visited your site for the past couple of years now. I just wanted to let you know that I admire you for your consistant stand against those that wish to misuse and abuse the technology that we have. I find your information on profiling a hacker to be facinating. You really have some good insight. I am disappointed that you don't write more articles to post on your site.

As for your political views. I would rather vote for a man that I feel has integrety and consistance than for somebody who claims to have been the driving force behind the internet and so overly exagerates things. Just my little and probably not so humble opinion. :-)

Again, your site is good, you offer good information for those of us that wish to protect our networks.



I guess this is a partial answer to my above question. We'll reward people convicted of DUI (Driving While Under The Influence) with Presidency! Yes!

John, thanks for the motivation and great work. I regularly view your site and enjoy reading its contents. Because of its almost raw feel [(well, when compared to c/net among other liberally and (potentially) governmental controlled computer media outlets) sorry - somewhat paranoid], I often cite it among various postings. And I would like to do a bit more promoting on the tangible side .. meaning, would you happen to have 'antionline' or 'anticode' t-shirts or other paraphernalia available - particularly t-shirts?

Again, thanks for the great work and your time ...

Best Regards,



Hello JP,

I just got a cisco PIX firewall, can you give me the referance site
about it?



Ok, I'm going to go out on a limb here: What about trying Cisco's website?

hi, my name is osmin, and I have a little argue
with my sister, i know if I can get her e mail \
password i going to prove her i not as stupid as
she thinks, i want to learn how to uncode it.

please can you help me

where should i start

- Carleton University

Well, if I were you, I would start by learning better English =) Maybe then you could prove to her that you "not as stpuid as she thinks".

This may or may not be related security-wise, but it's an interesting Fraud story.

Well.. it happened to me.. and with my ANTIONLINE Email account to boot!. I use my antionline mail account as my primary email, and, inclusively, for my Ebay trading as well. Anyway... I bid out this rather Nice Cell phone... and won the bid. The seller contacts me as per standard.. and the following day.. I get an email from another address stating "I am having problems with my old Email account... please correspond with this one. Also, please tell me how you would like to pay for the aution".

Now, Being a security paraniod net-patron, I found it rather Odd. So I emailed the other address. The person verified that He had sent no such mail.

Hrmmm.. So what would any good, solid, social engineer do? I emailed Mr. Fraud Back.. and offered to send him a money Order. So what does our friendy Mr. Fraud do? HE SENDS ME HIS ADDRESS!.

Now.. this entertains me. here is this fella trying to rip me off on an Ebay deal, and he sends me an address. This is a standard Issue rocket Scientist. I am impressed!

So now I have this guy trying to rip me off, and I have his email address, and his home address... So I don't know what to do with it. Any advise out there?



Well, being the smart ass that I am.... I would send him a letter saying hello, and then a description of exactly what he tried to do. At the bottom of the letter, I would type "CC: Federal Bureau of Investigation, 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20535". At least this might make him think for a minute ;-)

I seem to recall reading about some practice servers and networks that were available to hack against. I can't remember if this is something you provided as a serve or a reference to another site. It was quite a while ago so even if you were doing this you may have stopped. Does this ring any bells?

Many Thanks!

Dave Stockwell

Well, if you had checked ANTISEARCH.COM like you should have, you would have seen this.

Has Bub got some problems? I ask "How does Tivoli work?", and get strange
replies. Once Bub directed me to a document about SIPRNET, and then told
me about an Amiga term (Fireworks) when I asked the same question. Maybe
Bub just doesn't like Tivoli?

Tom Blake

Everyone that visits AntiOnline on a regular basis knows that Bub is a bit senile. Just give him time, we're working to make him smarter as the days go by. I promise!

Dear John,

I am one of your readers and was wondering since your making changes to hardware. If you were going to update the web page any in the near future. Like a new format , new graphics or anything. I know like everything else take time and money. I was just curious if it was on your to do list......


It is not on our "To Do List" at all. The current layout and design isn't that old, and has been working well for us.

Hey jerky are you nervous or something?

I never knew scarry was a word

J. Oquendo

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Your article on your recent defacement was worth reading, but you might
run a spell checker next time. Scary has one r.


Wow! I feel like I have thousands of English teachers reading the website every day. Scarry! Erm, I mean, Scary!