I enjoy the information provided by your web page, however, it seems
it's not regularly updated. Is Antionline planning of regularly (daily,
weekly, monthly) updating the web site? What might be the schedule?

Thank you!

Bruce Tessier

Um, AntiOnline gets updated at least every 3 hours by the staff during the day. Get with the program!

I usually appreciate your website. However, for the first time, I read
your mailbag letters, and resent your comments about Waco.
He never said he was the son of God - he was responding to a question,
and answered like this: "And if you believe that, then I'm Jesus

There's nothing illegal about building a compound, and he never raped
little girls. No drugs were involved - there was one member of their
cult which dealt in drugs, and he left before the invasion. This was
backed up by Janet Reno.

The federal troops involved had plenty of opportunities to arrest him -
instead, they chose to burn 80 men, women, and children to death.
Allow me to suggest the following:

1) Get your facts straight.

2) Stick to computer security.

3) Use the proper form of "your/you're". Your sentence "don't start
thinking that your the son of god" should use you're, as in "you are".

Thank you.


Wow, did I get a lot of e-mails about this! Apparently there are quite a few people that read AntiOnline that are members of radical religious cults. Who would have thunk it?

I must have missed the story about your tire getting slashed. What
possessed a 52 yr. old woman to do something like that? Satan?

- Immortal Poet

No, a parking space =/


This is the first time I wrote to you, and I'm kindda lost.. Even after I read your mailbags.. :-(

Anyway, I find that this website really help me a lot especially in my dissertation. You see, I'm doing a research for my dissertation in this topic "HACKING-Will there be an end to it?", so this website really supply me all the information on how people or organization deal with this problem.

Keep up with the good work... :-)



Personally, I think that you could answer your dissertation question in one word "No." The rest will probably just be fluff so that you can fulfill your minimum word requirement.


I am interested in finding out information pertaining to Computer Network Defense tools or software packages. Overall, I would like to know reasoning behind defending your network as well as what type of defense mechanism are used today, past, and future.

Thank you in advance,

k. scott

Well, if you don't know why you need to defend your network, then maybe it's not worth defending. As for security software, there's always AntiCode.com