Greetings All:

Well, after a long lapse, the mailbag has once again returned! Thanks to everyone that wrote in nagging the living hell out of me to get this up!

Yours In CyberSpace,

John Vranesevich

Founder, AntiOnline

I'm just writing to say I have read and studied alot of things written by a bazillion people.
I have met some very intelligent and mature REALLY young people in my quest for knowlege, but after reading your profiling a hacker and a few other things you have written, I have to say.
I'd have never guessed you to be soooo young.

Not only are you impressivly intelligent but very mature for such a young man.
I just became a pc geek in the last three yrs, have always been very social, worked an awful lot with the public.

Kids are very different today than when I was growing up and I am very disturbed by the behavior I am seeing out of the vast majority these days.

Back in my school days we had the ONE bad kid everyone knew by name, for the whole school !
So many young adults do not want to work, take responsibility for anything, and seem to thing the world owes them a living, and a VERY comfortable one I might add!

I am very relieved to have read your work, it was very uplifting to know that hope of "Good People" is not gone, And Chilvery is not lost.

I'm impressed ! Your a very impressivly intelligent young man.

I'd have Never guessed your age I was shocked !

Have a nice day,


Ah yes, I thought that we'd start off on the right foot this week =) Never-mind that she's only one step away from being as illiterate as our current president....

Subject: urgent/confidential

From: Mr. Amey Konan Bedie

Date: 31/03/2001


I got your contact through the World Trade Organization. (W.T.O) I decided to contact you on a mutual business relationship. My name is Mr. Amey Konan Bedie the son of former president Henri Konan Bedie of Cote d’ Ivories, who was unfortunately toppled in a military coup in Dec 1999 by General Robert Guei. As at when the military junta struck
and overthrew the elected government of my father, he was forced to go
into exile in France while some of his ministers and close aids ran to
other countries.

When my father was in power, I was working as his special aid who was
coordinating his special businesses, and was also in charge of all his
deposit account with different financial institutions in Europe.

Unfortunately for my family the military junta of former head of states, Gen Robert Guei has froze all bank accounts held by my father, his family members and his cabinet. Furthermore, our private investigation revealed that the controversial government of Mr. Laurent Gbagbo who was in the opposition party when my father was the president of cote d’Ivoire tends to tow the line of Gen.Guei in respect to the seizure of my family’s
assets and accounts.

To this effect Mr. Laurent Gbagbo has requested all the western world
to furnish his government with information that will lead to the discovery/recovery of any bank account held by my father or his aids.

To this, Switzerland and Luxemburg Government have already responded
by exposing many of my family's bank accounts in their country. It is
based on this development that I have the mandate of my father to contact you and request you specifically to assist my family, by helping us to secure this deposit we have with a financial institution in Europe, which amounts to U.S.$15 million (fifteen million US dollars). This will make it impossible for the new Government in power in my country, to have access to this fund.

It is base on this fact that I am requesting you to assist us in putting this sum of money in safe keeping by accepting to receive it from the financial institution on our behalf by changing the name and signatory of the account into yours so that it will not have any link to my family and for that reason, my country will not find it.

I will furnish you with details of this transaction if you accept to
assist. For your efforts we will discuss what remuneration I will give
you when you reply.

Because, of the urgency this issue requires, you should reach me immediately

I await your quick response.

Best regards,

Amey Konan Bedie.

God damn, I've gotten my fair share of sob-stories in the past, but this one takes the cake and the whole bakery with it! I'm not exactly a legal scholar, but this sounds like it could get me into trouble. Besides, the last thing I need right now is the army of cote d’Ivoire after me. I had never heard of cote d’Ivoire, so I did a quick google search for it. The first page that popped up was a "CIA fact sheet" (who would have thunk). Did you know that they have a total of 7 airports with paved runways, and total of 29 airports with unpaved runways? Neither did I.....


i use windows 2000 advanced server and i was wondering is there anyway that i can uninstall internet explorer (browser) and outlook express, there seems to be nothing that can do this in the "add/remove programs" in the control pannel, so i would really appreciate your expert help. I have netscape installed and want to run it solely.



Hah! Good luck! If I were you, I'd just leave IE exactly where it is. Besides, if you don't have IE installed, you can't use Microsoft's Critical Updates Site, which could cause you serious problems in the future. Microsoft has done a good job making sure that you NEED IE, whether or not you WANT it.


If I may offer some advice, you should call TAC back and have them raise the
priority on your case to 2. Ask to speak to the duty manager. Don't let
the first line techs handle this.

If in fact someone at Cisco is hacking/harassing you, Cisco would be facing
some serious liability, not to mention terrible press. Someone should lose
their job over this.

My 2 cents

Ron Trunk

Dimension Data US, Inc.

And guess who that someone happens to be. Keep reading....

Dear Mr.Vansersnitch,

I am interested in me and my group taking your class for $1,100 per
person. We want to know what kind of misinformaion you are feeding the

No, on second thought, we'll pass. We deal with enough people who "think"
they know it all as it is.

Some day your fraud will end, until then, have a nice day.


Erik Ginorio

Corporate Information Security

Cisco Systems

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.... I was good enough to catch your ass, wasn't I? Heh....

As a lay man, my perception of a hacker is anyone able to infiltrate
the systems, files, valuable data storage etc and gathet data, add or
deduct data, and effect live action with his addition or deduction using
only the web address of the company or with little inside information
as a starting point.If that is what defines a hacker…

Nigeria thinks she is ready and equipped to battle hackers, they
are not prepared, there are a million and one opportunities to exploit
here.Just last week, almost $40billion was nearly stolen by computer
in Nigeria, Nigeria is a backward and lawless country.

I will not beat around the bush, if you can get me someone that
fits this profile, please introduce us and leave the rest to me. Just
let him/her know what I need the services for.I sincerely await your

Thank you.


Hrmf. Try e-mailing =)

Don't know if you have ever heard of Jerry Clower or not, but he is a
souther comedian, from the 60's, that has a really funny bit called,
"Coon hunting".

One of my favorite parts is when Jerry is on the ground shouting
encouragment to John who has mistakenly gone up the tree to get a coon,
that turns out to be a bobcat.

Jerry is shouting, "Knock him out John". After several shouts, and
ungodly noises coming from above, John replies, "just shoot up here, in
among'st us, of us needs some relief"!

But you give em hell John!

Appreciate your efforts, keep up the good work.

J.D.K. Chipps

Boss of the

Brushy Bottom Bison Basin

Um, thanks, I think... I'm not exactly sure what the "Brushy Bottom Bison Basin" is, or what being the boss of it entails, but it sounds nasty....

I am a fashion design student at The Penn Valley Community College, in Kansas City Missouri. I was looking for bikinis on the internet so as to make my own additions or just to see how to improve on my own designs. I am a design major.

The problem is that while searching for various types of bikinis and thongs, I happened to come across pop up screens. This was not unusual as many times this happens, but it seems that while trying to close tham at a fast pace, I was logging unto a pay site in which I was unaware. My computer even froze for a moment, then all of a sudden.

Something read, that my computer hardware has been sent to anti spamming authority. I do not waste my time going to pay sites, when I am well aware of free sites that you can see the same thing.

This week is exams and I was just taking a break, just to relax my mind for a bit and this crap happened. What can be done, to stop this type of thing from happening again? Not only to me but other people out there who may go through the same thing that I just went through?

Thank you

Ainsworth Moore

Someone that has actually come up with a good excuse as to why they were surfing porn sites. Impressive! As for your little pop-up problem. Trying disabling javascript in your browser ;-)

I have no idea how to start this email, but here goes.

I'm damn glad your site is back online. I now realize why I come here. I don't frequent your site because I'm a security expert, I don't come here because I know you personally, nor your enemies. I come here for inspiration. Everyday your site is online, everyday your business thrives, is a total victory. I've read a lot about you. I am very much an outsider, however, I have a lot of respect for you.

I started coming here because I've been dealing with an online stalker since late last year. It's been a struggle everyday to stay strong, and stay online. Lately it's been getting worse, and I've strongly debated taking my site down, changing all my email, etc.. One day, I finally confessed to my father (a psychologist of some 35 years) about the entire affair -- he seems to think I'm not in any physical danger. Everyday, I'm forced to evaluate that question. I think originally, I came here seeking information on profiling, etc., but what I found was inspiration.

Honestly, I don't know how you did it. Alone, young... and once they started with my sister, I probably would have gave it all up. So... on that note, I suppose I owe it to your tenacity to stay online, at least for now.



Thanks for your kind words Deborah. As for "how I do it". I went out and bought a nice H&K USP Compact, paid my $75 dues to the local pistol club, and learned how to use it. I don't have any worries about my physical safety anymore =) As for keeping my network safe.... That's nothing that 7 years experience, $100,000 worth of hardware, $60,000 worth of software, and a few dozen proprietary applications can't take care of ;-)


"So much with setting a good example for the world's youth. We need some
sort of new public service announcement. Something like: Friends don't let
friends hire firms that hire hackers."

Instead of gnashing your teeth, why not just take the view that if
hiring hackers is dangerous, in the long run companies will discover that
on their own.

You're either right, or you're wrong.


"You're either right, or you're wrong." Yes, and I happen to be right....