Computer crime is growing daily. I would like to extend my computer specialties to your cause. I have basic nowledge on programming in C++, HTML, CGI, BASIC, etc. I have not mastered any of these yet, but I am comfortable enough to do some minor programming. In the past I have been a website designer and software programmer. I have been trying to extend my knoledge of computing. I believe I am a true hacker. I seek nothing but information. I want to learn and help others. I also have a business submitting web sites to search engines. If you require my services, just send back, If this is not the right department, can u please send it on to the place it needs to be.



With the rash of layoffs in high tech firms, AntiOnline has been inundated with employment requests such as the one above. It's no wonder so many .com's went out of business.....

The mailbag!!!

It's great to see it back again. I hope you keep it up.

Also, I've made some of the headlines, from April 16 into T-shirts.

Hope you don't mind. I have some free time. Maybe they will help increase awareness. Ha.

I like your site.

Keep up the fine work.


Scary, just, I mean, yeah, um, really, Scary!

Subject: New Reader!!!!

Hello John,

I don't have a question and I do apologize. But I had just
finished reading your mailbag for this week! I must say I found the last two
entries to be hysterical. Interesting but hysterical. Just wanted to say I
like the wealth of information as well as the insights presented. Keep them
coming as I will be in tuned to your articles.

Cleveland Chapman, Jr.

Do you want to see something REALLY Hysterical? Keep reading...


Subject: network-security


Hahaha! Crack me up! Above is a press document that was sent to me from "". Apparently Captain Crunch has helped to design a new firewall product. Man, I love my job sometimes... Oh, BTW, I made sure that the above doc is virus free, so no worries there ;-)

My computer is a stand-alone unit using Windows 98 for the O/S. Whenever I click on the Windows Update feature I keep getting the Web Page attached FYI that tells me my company has elected to do Windows Updates on their own and I need to see my System Administrator.

Why is it doing this, and how can I fix it? Please advise.


The exact error message that you see is probably:

Your organization has decided to provide software updates internally rather than through Windows Update. To download updates for your Windows computer, please see your Network Administrator.

For some reason, some equipment manufacturers have windowsupdate disabled when you purchase their hardware. Also, administrators of large corporate networks have been given the option of turning off windowsupdate on individual systems as well (in other words, they prefer to install the updates themselves, rather than have their user base trying to do it).

These restrictions are easily bypassed by following my uber-easy instructions below:

Step #1. Open up your registry editor. If you don't know what that is, then you'll probably end up fsking up your computer, and should probably stop now. If that's the case, proceed to step "What The Hell?".

Step #2. Delete all the values in each of these keys except 'Default'




Step #3. Reboot your computer, and as Emeril Lagasse would say, BAM! Everything should be happy happy now.

Step # What The Hell?. Don't panic, you're just not ready to start playing around in your registry yet. You can still download all windows updates by visiting Microsoft's Update Downloads site (a version of windowsupdate without all the fancy autoupdate junk).

Subject: question on spoofer


I'm trying to use the spoofer. I unzipped it to my
mirc directory already but I don't know what to do
next. I don't understand where exactly to add /load
-rs. I would appreciat any help you can give me

Ricardo Seblante

I'm sorry, but you need more help than I'm able to provide...