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hell as long as im in the 'mailbag' i might as well reply.

first off, whoever sent this email you printed about me is an absolute moron.
they claim myself and some others wanted an 'offline physical war'. thats
absolute bullshit. i never even felt what we were doing was an 'online war'.
i repeatedly bashed this description of the events. secondly, they state
that the US couldnt beat the hell out of china in a real war. hello? we're
the US, the hell we wouldnt you uneducated goat. and they have the nerve
to call me stupid... ide gladly sit down with them and anyone else from
your site or any interested reader and see who can actually hold an intellectual
conversation. then they mention i dont put my knowledge to good use. thats
what you call an uninformed, ignorant accusation. ive helped over 30 government
and military admins secure their systems during the so called 'cyber war'
and since. so maybe people should mind their own damn buisness and keep
their '2 cents' for their small town gossip over whos cousin is ****ing


Speaking of inbreeding.....

Hey, my name is GreenDevil (if you couldn't guess by my email address) and I would like to offer my hacking knowledge to you guys. As a hacker, I have gone through all of the stages, script kiddie, acomplished etc., and I have experienced alot more then most hackers. I have also helped people to become hackers, I point them in the right direction by telling them what to and what not to do. I have gone through the maulicious destroy all computers, winblows sucks, linux kicks ass, stage. I have seen people go through this same phase. I have studied alot of hackers, how they act, what they like to do, so on and so forth. I have also written texts about hacking and the hacker life.

I would like to clear the hacker name. As a hacker, I feel that the medias point of view of us, has become everyone who doesnt know us' view. I'm tired of the few script kiddies that use DoS attacks on pointless sites, and have fun messing with sub7 on other people. They are not hackers. Hacking is about knowledge, learning a new thing every day, and to push technology to the limits.

So if you need to know anything about hacking, computers etc. of if you have some of those chinese hackers using DoS attacks on you, I can help.
I just want to clear the hacker name.

Thank you,


Some things are just left comment-free.

Hello, Mr. Vranesevich:

I am a reporter from China, trying to produce a TV program on the
recent hackers' war between China and the US. I would like to seek your
help on (a) your knowledge on the subject, i.e. what do you think the
profiles of the US hackers are and what their motivations are and (b) if
you could help me locate some of the hackers who are willing to "talk"
to us - either online or in person. Their identities will remain

Your prompt reply will be most appreciated.


Xiaowei Chen

Hahaha, oh yeah, sure. I can just see people lining up to be interviewed by the reputable and objective "Chinese Press". Also, I don't think it's their identities that they would want to have shielded, as much as their heads and major internal organs.