Subject: Re: [antionline] AntiOnline Updates

Thank you for sending me this information. Your information received by email is the most welcoming news anyone could ever get. I have never heard people getting happy about email but when the email comes from you it is more than joy that a person feels. Your information is life giving. All I think about 24 hours a day is to protect my internet communications. Everyone that is anyone is monitoring my internet communications and finally I hope to end the ease dropping on my communication.


Roberta Boden

Heh. What a way to start the week, huh?

I am the network administrator for Hardin County Schools. I have found a post on your board:

Showing some security concerns with our system and seems to be posted from one of our students while using our equipment. Would it be possible for you to get me the IP address of the above message from user 689. You can contact me either via email or my phone number is: (270) 769.8962. Thank your for your time and am looking forward to your response.

Steve Boone

Network Administrator

Hardin County Schools.

Those that know me well know that there are 2 things that I despise more than almost anything else: #1 malicious little h4x0rz, #2 malicious little school administrators. Sorry, I'm not going to help you with your witch hunt. Find him your own damn self. If I were you, I'd spend less time picking on little junior high students, and more time learning how to do your damn job. (I'm having Lee Banister flashbacks, BLAH!)


I see this site has started to cater to the establishment and not to the masses, how unfortunate. It was so refreshing to be a part of something that defied big business and focused on exposing the true nature of the beast. My question is when did you give in? Was it the money? What gain was offered you?

I will continue to observe this site as it does offer some limited tools, nowadays for a price though.

Unfortunately I am just a single, working mom who cannot afford these training sessions you so liberally offer to those who's pockets are deep and agenda's shallow. My hope is another rogue site will open, and question the sincerity of gov'ment and business.

Wishing you well


Ouch, she's rough! Although, I really can't imagine why a "single working mom" would need to learn how to do intruder profiling and cyber-battlefield assessment anyway? If it makes you feel any better, I am a card carrying member of, and contribute to, the Democratic National Committee every year. As such, I feel for the needs of hard-working (single?) mothers like you, really, I do, honest!

I've visited your website every once and awhile for years and watched you
posture and front like you actually know something. Most people in the
security field find it funny, as do I. What I'm not amused by are the
backward, racist overtones to everything you write. Lay the **** off
Chinese people, Mexicans, and Black people. And lay off poor people.
The working class people who wash your dishes, raise your kids, work in
the factories that produce your cars, are someday going to jail your
rich-kid white boy ass along with all the other arrogant rich ****s, and
run society on their own. Hackers are anti-capitalist, anti-racist, well,
anti-privilege, and you're misrepresenting them on your website.


Ouch again! What the hell is this, pick on John week? Let me guess, you're a poor black mexo-chinese h4x0r? Sorry to hear that. If it makes you feel any better, I am a card carrying member of, and contribute to, the Democratic National Committee every year. As such, I feel for the needs of poor black mexo-chinese h4x0rz like you, really, I do, honest! As an aside, I take you feel that you correctly represent what it is to be a security expert?

Subject: "and major internal organs."

Dear John:

You are more right than you know. In China they kill prisoners for their organs. Selling organs to foreigners for transplants is a booming business. And they collect 'bullet fees' from the next-of-kin of the executed prisoners, too, so it's a zero-cost operation.


See, I'm not the only one that thinks the Chinese Government is as shady as a fruit tree....


Subject: Mailbag

Hey John,

Sometimes I wonder if your mailbag is actually real?!? Some of the emails you post blow me away. All these wannabe Hacker/Cracker types offering to come "Help" you out. What, you have been hacked maybe once in all your years online!!! Like you need help. These idiots proclaiming to be skilled need the help. Keep up the good work.

BTW when are you going to update the layout of the site again?

Eric B

Oh yes, they're all real. Believe me, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. As for an updated layout? We're concentrating on adding additional feature and content. As such, I don't see an updated layout in the foreseeable future.

Just wanted to express my opinion about this "cyberwar"

First, the guy who was so critical of pr0phet, you are a moron as pr0phet said. The deterioration of the relationship between America and China is not due to poizonb0x, pr0phet or the rest of these crews. Look a little further my friend, like up to Washington, DC.
Its these so wonderful politicians that talk to you like a 3rd grader and the media that makes it worse.

Being prior military I also have to say "please step away from the crack pipe!" who are you kidding? The US can't take China? Geez, your out of your mind! Or maybe a communist sypathizer.

I bet you also supported the ATF at Waco and Ruby Ridge along with the FBI. Sorry but the FBI has screwed up more crap than any agency in this country in the last 20 years. I am a patriot of this country and would die for what this country was built on, but that guy is ignorant.

These guys "defacers" are probably doing more for society than you can imagine. True that some of these guys are malacious but some actually have some sort of skill and probably are using it to help the internet community in some way.

One last note, If you read any of the defacements from you'll also see that for pr0phet this was all fun and not to be taken serious. And I qoute "you know - the only thing sillier than someone calling this a cyberwar with china - has been chinas performance in it. "-pr0phet-

Sounds like humor to me.

Now I just await your witty comment to this email.



Awful presumptuous of you to assume that this e-mail of yours deserves one of my witty comments... NEXT


Subject: InCryptic AntiMonster are for sale

These domains are for sale.


Steve Klys Come on now.....