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    s l o w .....

    This site seems really, really slow (like 10 secs to load each page) I never had a problem with the last site, it took <1 second to load each page (with my dsl line)

    So, someone email me when the site speeds up. Even I have limits on the amount of time I can waste

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    unfortunately you'll have to use a more inferrior browser like IE to speed things up. Although Netscape is my browser of choice, it just can't handle large amounts of tables very well.

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    Speeding things up would be nice. I think the browser point is valid but there has to be another way. The pages are much slower now than they were before using the IE browser.

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    dynamic pages vs static pages

    It is probably because most of this new site is being fed by a database. Every forum page probably has to access a database many times to grab all of the post information, etc. before it can be sent to the user. Before (I assume) everything was static except for the forums and similar dynamic pages - databases didn't have to be accessed for every page. Just wait up a bit and I'm sure JP will be shoring up their hardware if it is that noticeable (10 sec on dsl! - my loading speed is just fine).

    BTW, JP: What database server are you using? MySQL, Oracle? Good to know you used PHP, though

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    Greetings All:

    Speed problems have been fixed. I'm closing this thread.....

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