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    Okay, now that I've partially gotten over the shock and the site has sped up here's a couple changes that would make it better...

    1. Set up the irc channel again and show who's online on the forum page.
    2. Change the topics to 'Talk about todays news' 'Ask and Answer security questions' and "Miscellaneous Rantings aka post your stupid **** here'
    3. Put the newsgroups in a separate section, sounds like a lot of people don't like them there and it's slowing down the site. The people that want them can probably survive having to click one more time to see them.
    4. Don't make anymore comparisons about sharpening sticks.

    The actual look of the site doesn't seem so bad now (on my new 17 inch monitor at 1200 res) so I think I can live with that for now.

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    JP is from PA. Sharpening sticks is not just a hobby, its a terrorist weapon manufacturing technique. It employs approximately 100 civilians all around PA.

    Though if people could get arrested for making a good thing bad, JP and Bubba Bill Gates would defintely share a cell.


    Congrats JP on making the colors not so loud. Now just make the old forum groups come back...because all the ones ya got now confuse my poor Chicago city brain.

    Next rebuild the IRC server, and put in a non-burnt out AMD processor.

    Third, get rid of the damn newgroups.... That is so 90's, and AOLish. Hmmm AOL may have been a good thing gone bad... Antionline is abbreviated AO.... JP are you really Steve Case......

    Fourth...I now realize what the main page looks reminds me of YAHOO but with GAUDY ass colors...maybe you can make some kind of theme selection like Yahoo has w/ out flamin purple.

    Because now that you only have like 6 posting forum members...your might as well listen to the three longest members that are still here...

    After you finish all of the outlined tasks JP, I will buy you a frozen mocha...assuming that Chris has received his t-shirt/toe nail clippers.


    You\'re either a 0 or a 1, alive or dead

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    A. I'm still here and I've been around for a while.
    B. Bigger is not always better. All these subcategories just make for longer surfing and more frustration.
    C. The frontpage is for news and stories, that is good. The forums should just be for forums, not commenting on stories and not Newsgroups.

    Just my deuce pennies. Not to be critical, you are doing a good job and this new format could be an improvement if it is tuned correctly.

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    Keep it simple stupid!!!

    Too many feature's and you get lost..

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    Well, looks like I took care of everything on your list, thanks for the suggestions!

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