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Thread: Shameless Plug

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    Talking Shameless Plug

    Hello fellow Antionliners

    *puts on cheezy comercial voice*
    Wanna NMAP people right from your own machine !
    Don't wanna install Linux,
    Don't wanna compile a beta version for windows,
    Then you need......
    Run NMAP and a few other nifty tools from a web page.
    *cheezy voice off*

    Thats the plug, I was bored and decided to do something. Have fun.


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    Smile Nessus?

    How about a web-based Nessus scanner? Have them type in an ip and their email and when the scan gets done, it will email them the url where they can see their report...

    Just an idea

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    could do, I'll look into it

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