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Thread: The Career Center

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    The Career Center

    Love the idea of the career center, I was thinking rather wondering.....when the IRC channel comes back up would it be feasible to have a *featured employer* or recruiting manager come to the channel to speak with the forum members about possible openings at their company or job hunting tips/what an employer is looking for in a candidate etc......say once a week or twice a month or once a month if possible....what do you think and what do the forum members think?

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    You'll notice that your login works on EVERYTHING that we run, with the exception of the career center. The reason it doesn't work there, is because we outsource the career center to a company called tech-target. We weren't about to give our user's sign up information to them, since they are a 3rd party.

    Other than that, everything that we run does, and will continue, to use a universal login.

    As for the jobs discussion, again, the careers center is outsourced, so it's really not up to us.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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