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Thread: Code Red Variation

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    Exclamation Code Red Variation

    Greetz All,

    I'm posting this message because I believe there may be a possible variant of the code red worm, if any one can look over the hex that is posted below give me some sort of analysis that would be helpful in determining what I believe could be variant of this worm. see file attachment
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    I have recently looked on and noticed a fairly large archive of logs and other things of the sort that refer back to JP and AntiOnline participating in questionable and fraudulant acts. Due to my support for and I am currently pulling all my posts from this site and ask for my account termination. If you, JP, find that at any point you feel you can be at least half ass honorable then I will consider posting here again.

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    I thought i would post information i had on this paticular variant which resembles the codered worm. I believe this paticular worm technicly does not qualify as "code red" because its payload has changed. There are NO files in a format which will execute. This information was submitted to the bugtraq mailing list and gathered by the staff.

    I cannot provide any support nor do i have any more information than what i've posted in this zip file.
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