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    Arrow Windows XP

    Have any of you tried the beta of Windows XP? Do you think it will have improved security and stability? Have you any idea how much it will cost (based on previous new releases of windows)? Do you think that it will be worth it to upgrade? I have also heard that win XP will not support some hardware (printers, joysticks, keyboards, scanners) what do you think of that? I just bought myself a MS Natural PRO keyboard. Do you think all of the hotkeys will work on XP? I sure hope so for the 50$ I paid for it. If not I may return it. Also, do you have any idea if I should buy Professional or home versions of XP? I am planning on playing a few games but I really want stability.
    Thanks for the help!

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    I am a beta tester for XP. Currently we are on RC2. Windows and all OS's are only as secure ask you make them. Win2000 and XP have minimal crashes. Though if you must know, I try to stay away from MS cept for my EQ addiction. I have a laptop and desktop at home that are 100% linux. Then this PC is 100% WinXP/2000 dual boot, so I can play EQ......and I like the Windows AIM better.

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    What about hardware compatabilities (esp. my keyboard)? Also, any idea what so ever about the approx cost?

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    Lightbulb XP.....Why would I let someone look in my computer

    First off XP has been delayed due to numerous problems. It looks as if it is going to come in late OCT. Microsoft has said that this is the best OS yet with a longer uptime. Well you might be able to keep your system up longer but apparently the system is fickle about what you use along with it. So basically you get a better up time but sacrifice compatability and privacy. Oh yeah did I mention that you are going to have to buy a version for EACH computer you have....LET ME SAY AGAIN You HAVE to BUY a copy for EACH computer you have. I am still on WIN98 when I am not using Linux. Win2000 has too many problems with mulitple external devices.

    Folks I think this year we are going to begin to see the early downfalls of Microsoft and Intel. As many of you might have head the new Pentium IV was soo rushed that it performs worse than the 400mhz PIII's. I believe AMD is going to get a better foothold on the market, Apple is really promoting their laptops and dektops, and Red Hat Linux is becoming more and more popular. The economy is slowing down folks and computer sales will be dropping. Joe User will start to become more and more picky about where their money is spent. They will do the research and find that a lot of these smaller companies offer better products.

    Okay I am done ranting and raving but I am still doing research and none of this is set in stone. Just some thoughts to ponder.

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