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Thread: I am finally getting my comp

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    I am finally getting my comp

    Hi all. I finally started getting my comp parts in the mail. I am still waiting for my MB and video card. I am really pissed off though!
    They shipped me my ram no not in an antistatic bag but in a plastic bag that's not antistatic. Am I just paranoid? Why would a company ship 100 dollar ram in a $.15 plastic bag that can easily damage it from ESD. I dono I called um and they said I was being paranoid. What do you think?

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    id be paranoid for sure.......... save that slip that lets ya return stuff and get money back.

    then again, im not an expert, but i play one in a local ee lab.
    and esd has killed tougher things than ram

    p.s. i never know exactly what im talking about, get a second or third opinion

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    thats messed up. you can screw up the ram if its not kept static-free. i definitely dont think that its paranoia because even though computers companies often dont bother with customer support they should at least allow the user to receive the product and use it before it possibly messes up.
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    Speaking of Customer Support; a friend of mine had to get a new motherboard from AlienWare, and he didnt recieve it till four months after he sent for it. He would call them and they would just keep delaying him along with all that other crap.

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    Like I say ....

    Nobody gives a rat's ass anymore about what they do. Nobody cares. Nobody takes the time to make sure what they're doing is right - just slap it together and ship it on down the line. If it doesn't work, that's the consumer's fault.

    I'm getting convinced that this apathetic view toward everything is getting worse in society - whether it's computer parts or the guy cooking your steak at a restraunt. Nobody gives a damn.

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    I couldnt agree with you more. Well said

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    I agree with you ASTRIDPESHEK

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