After battling to fill in a registration on a broken page that required trial and error to get things to fill in the right blanks, then being unable to log in for over a day despite two emails claiming I could, then today logging in three times and each time on trying to add a link getting cycled back to the login page -- I give up. If you want to link to my Scientific American article, you have to do it yourself.

Carolyn Meinel

Heh, what a way to start the week off.....

There's this guy who goes under the name of BondAK4764 and EmeraldFire78
thought I'm gay and when I swore to everything holy I wasn't, he said "good,
then this will work out" then "g2g, bye" and left. And his best friend (I
think) that goes under the name "Saphire0Fire" said that "y don't I answer
him? (he keeps IM me and I don't want to answer him) (I think he's lying that
he's Bond/Emerald)" and that he'll "send me a virous and tell everyone in
Cyan Chat I'm gay". What should I do PLEASE tell me what I should do!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! This is REAL, NOT a joke! Really!


I read this 8 times trying to figure it out, and I still haven't been able to. I really hope that he doesn't think the same way that he writes....


i am most disapointed to see that my favorite web site no longer supports the opera browser with your new look page.


I don't know when everyone started using Opera, but I had well over 100 e-mails from people bitching about me not supporting it. Sooo, I went and downloaded a copy, fixed up the pages that needed it, and can now say that AntiOnline supports that browser too. So quit e-mailing me!!!!

hi there,

would you insert a link to on your site?
I have hot info.

thanks in advance,

This guy has to be one of the dumbest SOBs I've ever come across. Go take a look at that page of his. Talk about self incrimination, haha. Well, you wanted a link, now you've got it. Don't go blaming me if your door ends up getting knocked down by a bunch of feds though....


I wonder if you could please advise me?

I am looking to complete modules of the Global Information Assurance
Certification (GIAC) Program (Training & Certification courses offered by the
SANS Institute) with a view to gaining employment within the computer
security industry in the UK or possibly abroad.

The foundation course is 'Security Essentials' (subjects include: IP
Concepts, Malicious Software & Anti-Virus Tools, Perimeter Protection,
Password Management, Cryptography etc). Followed by one or more of the
in-depth 'Subject Area Modules' which include:

- Firewalls, Perimeter Protection and VPN's
(Qualification: GIAC Certified Firewall Analyst)

- Intrusion Detection in Depth
(Qualification: GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst)

- Advanced Incident Handling & Hacker Exploits
(Qualification: GIAC Certified Incident Handler)

- Securing Windows
(Qualification: GIAC Certified Windows Security Administrator)

- Securing UNIX
(Qualification: GIAC Certified UNIX Security Administrator)

As an expert in this field I would greatly appreciate any information or
advice you may be able to offer:

* Is the SANS Institute a well known and respected organisation?
* Are you familiar with thier training courses?
* Are thier training courses recognised and accepted within the industry?
* Would completion and certification of the training programme increase the
chances of employment within the industry?

etc. etc.

I realise your commitments but would really appreciate it if you could take
the time to reply. Thank you for your time.

Many Thanks.
Kind Regards,
Rob Pickup.

No offense to them, but the SANS institute has become a certification whore. They'll pass out certificates to just about everyone that's willing to fork over some cash to them. They travel around the world now, trying to drum up people to sign up for their "courses" and get "certified". Kind of sad and pathetic if you ask me. If you want to whore out training courses, that's fine and good for the industry. But don't try to drum up more business by calling them "certifications". If you want to attend these classes to learn something, more power to you. But, I wouldn't be relying too heavily on the pieces of paper that they give you when your finished.....

There is something wrong with your registration form. I've belonged to Antionline for several years. And now when I try to register, I keep getting errors. For instance, why do you need a referrer?? I don't have one, and when I leave it blank or put "none", I get an error. What do you want from me anyway? I'm very irritated. There are other web sites where I can get the same information that you provide without the hassle. Unless you fix this registration process, I'm not coming back, and I'll advise all of my security students not to come here either!!


Damn, some people get downright nasty! Although I didn't publish the rest of his signature, or his e-mail address, I can tell you that this guy is in the Army. Apparently they expect too much from him, and he's mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore! At any rate, the problem with the "referrer" has since been fixed.....