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Thread: AntiOnline FTP

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    AntiOnline FTP

    Is there a way of connecting to AntiCode by FTP to download files? FTP tends to be significantly faster than HTTP and doesn't result in broken/partial downloads, unlike when I try to download files using IE5/NS6.

    If there isn't an FTP site for AntiCode, then how about putting one up?

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    Well, this isn't going to happen for a number of reasons:

    #1. Everyone and their mother would attempt to mirror our entire archive, leaching the very life-blood out of us (read: no more bandwidth).

    #2. Our archives would start appearing on websites all over the web. We have to protect our efforts.

    #3. AntiOnline is an incredible resource (if I do say so myself), and more importantly, it is an incredible FREE resource. Our advertisers wouldn't like it if we start decreasing the number of pageviews our site gets. This means that I'd have to either:
    A: take up a job at burger king to help support it.
    B: start charging for access to AntiOnline.
    I don't see either of those happening.

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