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Thread: Security Texts

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    Security Texts

    The security texts, when uncompressed, often do not present themselves in a readable format. If you change the name to ****.txt you get some text but it is difficult to read. This wasn't a problem before the site revamp, that I was aware of.

    Destard El

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    The files in the text archive haven't been altered since the last version. We have, however, added a lot of new files since then, which is probably why you're just now noticing this "problem".

    The most likely cause of this, is that the file was originally written on a *nix system, and you're attempting to read it with some weird win* "notepad" or something. If that's the case, take a look at this app

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    JP suggested that possibly some of the text files were for unix using just a lf to end a line. Windows likes to use a cf/lf to end the line. A simple solution is this, try opening these files in wordpad, not notepad. Wordpad will recognize the *nix file format and decode it to a windows format, the you should be able to save it as plain text and read it in notepad or wherever.

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