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Thread: My PC was on Fire after it blew up!

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    My PC was on Fire after it blew up!

    Dames! I have no clue what burned in the system!!! HELP ME! OK, I have a 800 Mhz P 3 system with 30 GB HD, and a A-bit mainboard....... Now, few days before, my system during start up came, the system started to beep. So, I restarted it, and it shuted up. Now the problem is, after I check the system and all I did was to change the slot of the RAM, the system blew. Then all I know was that the power supply was on fire for like 1 sec. then the whole power supply blew. Now, what part of them system went wrong??? What part should I replace to get the system going again?

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    More information plz, what hardware has burn ?

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    Exclamation That sux!!

    I seriously doubt that moving your ram would cause the problem. You might have crossed a wire or something when you where in the case. Hopefully you just burnt up your power supply. I would check all those wires and make sure one of them did not cross somewhere or the cord did not get pinched. I think that you could have something messed up in the bios to cause the beeping noise. As for the burning up that sounds more like an electrical outlet problem or something coming from the outside. Good Luck

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    The problem is I don't know what blew up. Sounds like the power supply, but I am not sure. Would it help to tell you that the power supply is at 300W, which supplies somewhat more power then the recommended or need amount of power?

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    OK! This is not related to the topic, but it's about my other computer. My Creative Infra CD-ROM drive is screwed again. I just threw it out the window and now, I need a cheap and durable CD-ROM drive for my old Pentium 166 PC. What brand would you recommand (for the price of under $100 CAN or $75 USD)?

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    If i had to venture a guess I'd say that the cables going from your power supply to your mother board were in the wrong way - I seem to recall that if you dont have the black wires next to each other unpleasant things can happen
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    Cheap fix...

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    What am I going to do?????

    Can ANYONE TELL ME WHAT THE HECK HAVE BURNED? I'm very................197';]a\]f\as]as'\ sad right now.............. (DAME THAT FREAKING COMPUTER! DAME THE POWER SUPPLY!x;['.];.][.]'r6.3]4.56;'.5].36)

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    Shouldn't be trying to overclock your system now should you...

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    Re: What am I going to do?????

    Originally posted by lawrence171
    Can ANYONE TELL ME WHAT THE HECK HAVE BURNED? I'm very................197';]a\]f\as]as'\ sad right now.............. (DAME THAT FREAKING COMPUTER! DAME THE POWER SUPPLY!x;['.];.][.]'r6.3]4.56;'.5].36)
    Dame the Power supply? Are you from the 1920's? Okay enough of the joking.

    First of all If its a PIII your Power supply is a ATX, which means unless you took a knife and cut the edges off your plug in, you CANNOT PLUG IT IN WRONG!

    Second If the Power Supply started smoking, that means it had a short in it. So what you need to do is become Sherlock and find out where the short is.. Here's the clincher.. Do you have one of those nice Fuzzy Logic Buttons? I know you do. Whats a fuzzy button? No its not on your toy teddy bear. IT means that current is constantly flowing to your power button, which means your computer is on ALL the time.

    More then likely that Shorted out your Power supply. But if Smoke Came from Your Power supply your going to have to replace it. As well as the power button. If your computer was off when all this happened you motherboard and things should be okay. If not you still have a 50 / 50 chance that you didn't fry anything.

    As for your CDROM issue. You probably don't need anything over a 12x for your 166 MHZ machine, There should be some Mom and Pop computer shop around you that has some used ones, for like 10 bucks, US or Canada!
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