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Thread: Now What?

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    Now What?

    Now what?
    - Anti-Online's old users database was deleted for some unknown reason
    - You can no-longer express yourself in any manner you like
    - The admins could remove your account
    - The admins could remove certain rights
    - Server is always overloaded
    - glade to see that many people are joinning this Chat Board

    So if now, I started the big fuss that I did cause before (before many of you were here) (the old topic that was something like "**** all those......who blame????.........." My account would sure be suspended!

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    Exactly what in the living hell are you running your mouth about? I did my best to figure it out, but all I'm seeing is a bunch of mindless rambling....

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    You should have joined in the old forum more often ...
    We know Lawrence is just Lawrence...
    How dumb to post the word "F#ck" again and to claim fame as im that dumb guy...I'm back
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    okies......... don't even start!

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