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Thread: Code Red Worm.....Code Red MDew

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    Question Code Red Worm.....Code Red MDew

    Has anyone noticed that these BOTH came out at about the same time?? Besides jolt, MDew is the late night drink of choice?? Both of these will keep you up at night. Neither of them are good for you. Hmmmmmm.........

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    The Worm was named after the drink.

    [B]We've designated this the .ida "Code Red" worm, first because part of the worm is designed to deface Web pages with the text "Hacked by Chinese" and second because "Code Red" Mountain Dew was the only thing that kept us awake while we disassembled this exploit.[B]

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    Exclamation Very suprising

    This is very funny because I wrote this thread half joking just to see what people thought. Well I guess I knew more than I though...LOL.

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    Well I'm not sure if it's really true, but i heard it was named code red, because the dude that discovered it was drinking it at the time, I saw it on the daily show and they said that it was accaully true, eveen though i dunno if you can trust john stuart

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    Yup, from the eeye security group:

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    I still wouldn't trust Jon Stewart with anything.
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