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Thread: Opera....not the loud abnoxious type

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    Question Opera....not the loud abnoxious type

    <--Oh this is sooooo me!!!

    Well anyways....I just downloaded Opera 5.12 and I like the features that it has. Just wanted to see what others thought of this Internet Browser.

    Any Likes?

    Dis Likes ?

    Can't Stands?

    Burn IN 7734's (7734's put in your calculator and turn upside down to decipher)

    Let me know

    So far I like the fact that you can change the screen size which that is good from a designers standpoint

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    I quite like Opera. It comes with really nice features, such as the allready mentuioned screen resizing, and recovery after crashes (lets you resume on the page you were visiting when your machine crashed). It's less resource-hogging, and quite faster then IE. It comes with some nice security options, such as letting you set up rules for cookies and deleting them when the browser closes. The only drawback i've found is that it does not support as mny plugins as the other two browsers, but in those rare occasions i just pull out old dusty IE.
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    Its my browser of choice the only reason I'm not using it now is that I'm not allowed to install or remove any programs on my Dads pc.

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