Damnit, I could swear I have had to do this before :P

Anyway, it's me, El Diablo all over again. I was one of the unfortunate original souls that has had to re-register just to post on here... I thought JP had it out for me, but I was mistaken

About me:

I work in the Security arena, for a large unnamed Gov't agency. I do IDS work, some firewall stuff (not a lot), and a TON of forensic work. Also have created several hardening guidelines for this agency, and am actively involved in policy

I have been doing this for a while, almost 11 years in IT in general and 4 years in Security specifically.

I am no where near a guru level, as I am constantly learning. I "play" with computers a lot, in an attempt to learn more about their internal workings. Currently I am attempting to learn more about encryption schemes, with a focus on Kerberos v5.

That's about enough of my rambling for now... I'll see you online.

El Diablo