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    I was messin with my graphics settings earlier today and noticed something odd. Under system information is said : "System Processor: Intel Pentium(r) III with SSE". My question is what the hell is SSE, ive never heard of it before. BTW i saw that in my nvidia geforce2 gts properties, under tab GeForce2 GTS.

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    Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions. SSE (for P III)and SSE2 (for PIV) are sets of instructions to accelerate multimedia applications: it renders higher quality images, reduces processor usage,.... NVidia's chips are optimized to take advantage of SSE and SSE2.
    AMD has got its own 3DNow!-stuff.

    BTW: ever tried a search engine? They actually work, you know.
    I must be crazy to do the research for you.

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