I see the comments in the mailbag about Opera support...Glad to see you're
making the page work in all browsers...Figured I'd write to tell you it looks
great in KDE 2.1.2's Konqueror...

Chris Mayoros

Wow, aren't we just becoming a beacon for compatibility? Heh.

Greetings all,

I was looking through the site, and I was curious what tool, or combination of tools you use to allow you to publish your router log excerpts to a given web site. I've been considering this for an intranet/mamangement site, and I'd appreciate any guidance that you may be able to provide.

Many thanks,

"Greetings All" That's my line Keith =P As for how we publish our router logs. Pretty simple really. We have the router logs going to a syslog server. The syslog server then takes each entry, and publishes it to one of our 6 mysql servers. Then, it's just a matter of a simple page in php to pull the latest entries from the mysql server, and BAM! We basically do the same thing with the hack attempts page, using ISS' Real Secure. Hope that helps....

Is there a way to FTP the security downloads and text files so we can
browse through them at our liesure offline, or do we have to painfully
click through multiple pages to just to download a single file? AntiOnline
isn't trying to FORCE us to stay at the web site for extended periods of
time for some evil corporate purpose is it?


No, there is currently no way to conveniently rape us of all our file archives and bandwidth. Sorry... I'm not exactly sure if you'd call it some "evil corporate purpose", though.

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Antony Chia

At the very least, some of my grammar and spelling skills have apparently rubbed off on poor young Antony... I have put up a personal page that talks some about my interests, activities, history, etc. etc. blah blah.....

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I got this "press release" from WoH member RaFa. It looks more like a note to his fellow WoHers (heh) than a press release, but whatever. I wasn't exactly sure where the hell to post it, so I figured this is as good of a place as any....