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    Edit Site Options

    I've been trying to modify the site options I configured when I first registered but I can't seem to be able to. I would like to have a greater number of threads showing on each page I open and also I would like to be able to list older threads (I tried to set that to 45-60 days).

    Also, I would like to be able to access the threads in the old discussion forum. Is there a link to any arquive where we could find them?


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    I asked J.P if he read the old forum (As bedtime stories)
    he laughed and said he had better things to do!!
    So i guess if your lucky there maybe some finer topics saved on disk somewhere!!
    I only saved 1 topic and its no use to anybody,,,was just a funny flame war.

    **Oops i found something from sombody..A good statement!!
    But i think it was from Hxxxs

    It's easy to secure your system.If you're on a stand alone with a firewall/antivirus updates. If you don't use IE or Outlook and if you have VBscript disabled, if you're careful about what you open....then the chances of you getting somehting are small.During 5 years online i've never been infected and that's just cos of common sense.
    And this one>>
    Question was: How do I stop malicious code from running in my browser.Answer: Go to your browser, to Tools, Internet Options, then Advanced.Make sure you uncheck/prevent every activeX, Java applet, jscript, vbscript, from running.

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    You can edit your site options by going to the main page, under the "Your Account" box. Select the "edit site options" link.

    The content from the old forum will not be imported into this one, because of the huge differences in the data format. The old board was basically a test bed for us to try out new ideas for this site renovation. Sorry.

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