Who am I? Good question. I've been in the computer industry since attending DeVRY in '84-'87. Learned basic on a TRaSh-80 back in high school in '83. Saw the future when I graduated college that mainframes were too slow and did all my college programming projects on an "original" IBM PC (2 floppies, no hard drives!) and then retyped them into the mainframe. Had all my classmates upset that my runs worked the first time (you had to wait 24 hours to get your program run back...one typo..you were toast). Went into programming and then migrated into network mgt..and now a combination of programming & networking & internet, security, etc. For a more detailed experience, check out my bio on my homepage.

I'm getting into internet security areas these days..from a protection/prevention aspect..not the break in aspect. I achieved my GSEC certification from sans.org in February and will be attending the Firewalls, Perimeter Protection and Virtual Private Networks class this November.

I look forward to interacting with everyone here!