Dear JP,

I have some got some lines which inspirws me the best. I went to ur personal page and read all he events which took place in ur life. And after that I am feeling like u r the whom I know from a long time. o.k the lines which i want to give to you are (Better take the help of any of ur indian friend to read these).

Tum samay ke rah par chodte chalo nishan Dekhe tumhe jamin(earth), dekhe aasman(sky)

For ur convenience I want to translate in english however it's meaning might be changed a bit,

you just mark on the way of time, so that earth and sky salutes you.

In my India it's a bad manners to call the elder by his name so i will call u bhaiya. O.K bhaiya my life is also going as of yours was. But I would like to serve my country people. I am doing engineering in computer science but unlike to all my friends not dreaming to go to USA. Becoz I will work for my country people. O.K the mail is becoming bulkier so .... Have a nice day. I will not write that reply soon becoz i know that u will not becoz of your tight schedule.


I am the wise and powerful bhaiya!

I took a gander at your "John's Personal Page" link from antionline.

Your "Why I only lasted a year in college" sounds remarkably similar to the same thing that YOU did to packetstorm a while back. I'm sure the irony of this is lost on you.

You seem like a young kid, so I'll grant some leniency. But there are a whole bunch of us who are NOT hackers and who depended an awful lot on the security info we received from PS. Your self-righteous bantering closed a valuable resource for many of us who routinely promise our clients that we will do everything we can to make sure their systems are safe and secure.

We do not hold this information "hostage" by claiming "we will SELL YOU a product that will do for you what we could do for you ourselves - IF that knowledge hadn't been hijacked by some kid with a bad attitude and a penchant for villainizing others who share his profession or who disagree with him."

Please grow up and quit making our jobs harder.

Kirby L. Wallace
Tulsa, Oklahoma

First off Kirby, I am not some kid with a bad attitude and a penchant for villainizing others. I am the wise and powerful bhaiya! Secondly, there is a big difference between what happened to AntiOnline, and what happened to PacketStorm. I have never used AntiOnline to attempt to harass Ken Williams' young sister. Here you had a man in his 30's telling people they should rape my underage sister, including her picture and address. NOT an innocent party. Now, this time, it wasn't my fault that PacketStorm got shut down. It got shut down because people like you weren't generating any revenue for them. So, if you want to blame anyone for its slow and painful demise, blame yourself. The bhaiya has spoken! Oh, one more thing, for those of you that haven't seen it, my personal page is here:

Greetings John,

I have a little bit of a story I thought you mind find interesting. For the last 2 years I have worked for the American Computer Experience Corporation. They specialized in running computer camps over the course of 3 months every summer. ACE's first summer in 1993 and made a $56,000 profit off of one camp, each year following yielded aprox. 6 million dollars. Profits continued to escalate as they expanded going from 20 camps in 1998 to 80 camps in 99. Sales hit $15 million in 99 and $17million in 2000. However through lousy management sales dropped to a mere 45% of what they were in 2000. Sales yielded this year are estimated to have been $7.65 million. In any case that is more than enough money to run the corporation and make a profit.

Abruptly on the afternoon of August 10th, 2001 we recieved a phone call at the camp I worked at(Adelphi University, New York). The call was from a regional director for ACE. She said that we were to close down camp and that all locations were doing the same, ACE was ceasing all operations. We were told that within 6 hours ElectroRent went be there to pack up our supplies and computers and ship them off.

There are a few aspects here that I feel the need to discuss, the treatment of the staff, the treatment of the families and campers, and the business side to all of this.

The staff - When ACE shutdown they had approximately 250 employees world wide who were working at their camps. We were now effectively stranded. Plane tickets scheduled for weeks ahead of us couldnt be upgraded. We were out of a place to stay. Upon the news reaching the college we were ejected from our dormitory and left out on the street. On top of our situation of basically being homeless most of us didn't have extra money. Pay day was that Friday August the 10th. ACE used directdeposit to pay us early that morning and had then rescinded the paychecks by that afternoon, before we had heard anything about bankruptcy. Basically, ACE had left us out on the street without pay for any of the previous 3 weeks we had worked. To add insult to the situation, ACE had hired an independent company to call all of the campers families at noon that day to announce the situation. ACE told the parents before the staff, in fact we had no clue this was happening until 3PM when a parent showed up and asked us what was going on. And one last thing about the staff. I said that staff members were stranded worldwide and thats the truth, ACE had camps in Europe and I know one specific staff member who was literally stuck in Europe without the money to come home.

The families and campers - All campers who were signed up for any of the last two weeks of camp, basically, had their money stolen. The camp costed aprox. $650 for one week if you were a commuter(8AM-8PM) or around $1000 if you stayed at the camp. Furthermore, ACE did offer weekend stays, meaning in between weeks of camp a camper could stay with the staff. Weekend campers are usually a result of the parents leaving on vacation while the child is at camp. With ACE declaring bankruptcy in the middle of the season they stranded children as well with their parents no where in sight.

The Business Side - The story we recieved was that ACE was in deliberations with 6 companies interested in buying them out. They struck a deal with one campany(Discovery Camps) and part of that deal was that ACE would cease all deliberations with all other companies. Discovery then defaulted on the deal that Friday morning and ACE decided to declare bankruptcy. There are a number of flaws with this, mainly, no one, not even ACE, could be stupid enough to agree to cease all negotiations without a downpayment. Regardless of the company defaulting ACE should have had plenty of money. From what I understand a majority of the universities ACE held camps at were not payed for services, rooms, or food. In addition ACE bought no new supplies this year, all supplys were recycled from previous years. ACE charged "lab fees" for each camper, each week. What these lab fees constituted were the rental charges ACE was paying ElectroRent. Thir teen dollars a week, that was the cost for ACE to rent a computer. Salaries to be paid to the staff would have totaled no more than $1.5million dollars for the whole summer. Something is obviously corrupt here. However the signs of this coming are now horribly present. 3 Days before declaring bankruptcy the CEO and CFO resigned, they knew. All the corporate staff members aside from a couple Regional Directors resigned before the 10th as well. Hmmm Now how does seven and a half million dollars just vanish into thin air? Oh yes thats right, its my bet that Fritz Hagar the CEO is now sitting quite happily, perhaps in another country? Maybe.

Business may be business but they screwed a lot of people. There was no reason to handle things the way they did and leave things in such disarray. The conference services representative at Stanford had been quoted on the 11th as saying "I have never seen anything like this in my life" as a response to the situation that ACE put the staff and campers in.

Oh and one last thing, They filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy and declared they have no assets.

Well I hope I haven't bored you. It was simply my intent to present this story to one of the most respected and vital figures in the technology industry.

Thank You For Your Time,
Aaron Eng

Damn, if that's your idea of interesting.....

Dear sir,

I notice your e-mail from today. Thanks! But there are problems by the login.

Using the username and the password to download a package from your archive, the system refuses this intention. It demands to fill out the form again. What happens, please?

Dr. Ernst Hoplitschek

We got a lot of e-mails at first about problems with our login script on the download pages. These problems have since been fixed. Most users that wrote us, simply said "it's broken", "it doesn't work", "it keeps asking me to login", etc. You'll notice that when one achieves a Dr., it becomes "the system refuses this intention"......


I think your high school and college English classes were very useful as the stories on your personal site are quite fascinating!

Hasta Lluego

Well, I've published dozens and dozens of e-mails over the years from people bashing my bad grammer and spellin. Finally, after all of this time, I get one complimenting my writing skills. Damn well better believe it was going in the mailbag!