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Thread: Mp3 sharing programs, post your thoughts here ...

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    my $0.02

    I've gotta put in a vote for the Gnutella network; specifically, BearShare . While it's not as intuitive as KaZaA or other programs, it has some features that they don't have: primarily, the ability to connect to specific other users. It uses bandwidth pretty well, and runs without sapping too many system resources. It also is run without any "centrality," which means no usernames, email addresses, or the like.
    If you disagree, however, I've found that is a pretty good place to start when looking for a file sharing utility.

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    Originally posted by 8trak
    I must sat that i've tried most of the good ones,
    Imesh, Morpheus, Winmx, KaZaA

    I would say that it is defiently the fastest, most reliable on the bunch.

    It's introduction of "Super-Nodes" helps alot, the fact that you can select what type of media your looking for, and the fact that it simultaneously downloads from multiple users.

    KaZaA is great.
    I still find myself listening to alot of cd's though...
    Nothing wrong with KaZaA, except for the SIX spyware programs it contains. One of them is Cydoor, and KaZaA won't even work without that one (try using Ad-Aware and delete Cydoor - your KaZaA client will be messed up).

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    One not mentioned

    One program I noticed that nobody has said anything about is LimeWire ( It uses the Gnutella network and is strictly P2P file sharing of all types. Nobody owns the Gnutella network so it can't be shutdown anyway. It will let you add your own Gnutella servers and select which ones you want to search by and everything, also it lets you limit your upload and download bandwidth (granted lots of others do that as well). I used a cable connection and some nights it have access to 40TB (thats terabytes for the little kids who don't know). It lets you define what type of media you are looking for better than IMesh (imo):

    1 Audio
    2 Video
    3 Programs
    4 Text Files
    5 Pictures

    Some of you might like it. Its written in pure Java so it loads a little slow but it's features are well worth it. And it loads no spyware.
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    My favorite is Morpheus. You can get just about anything on it.

    I like Limewire too, but it's a bit of a bit of a bandwidth hog.

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    Nobody else using LimeWire???

    Personally, I've been pretty happy with LimeWire. It supports resumed downloads, no spyware (that I could detect), searches for all filetypes, or filters the filetype you need to search for, has terabytes of available "stuff", and is very stable on Win32 platform (don't know about other OS's...) Maybe I missed something, but I tried all the P2P clients I could find and it's the one that is left on my box... I'm always happy to get other opinions though... Anybody else used Limewire?
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    Arrow My formula for success.

    SongSpy + Morpheus + LavaSoft AdAware 5.2 (to get rid of SongSpy's spyware) =

    Me very happy with all the music (SongSpy) and videos (Morpheus) I need!

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    I use audiogalaxy for its simple interface, however lately more songs are hard to find. Of course I thought napster was great when it was around except for a few problems. If the person you were downloading from disconnected, you had to start all over again. Then near the end you had to type in the artist name so misspelled that there would be no copyright problems. Anyway where can I find full episodes of Southpark to download?
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    in my opinion, it's got to be morpheus. it finds just about anything you want and it searches for multiple sources. very good. i also use imesh sometimes but that isn't as good because there aren't as many things on it and its slow A LOT of the time. get morpheus, i don't think you will go wrong.


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    Morpheus rules!
    altough it may not take long before they get into same trouble as Napster

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    Negative, Liked the post.

    Does Europe count as third world with its long history of porn?
    or am i merely being third world in my thinking?

    Is Grokster classed as a program in itself, or a Kazaa clone?
    sems to do the trick for me, either way.
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