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Thread: Mp3 sharing programs, post your thoughts here ...

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    Thumbs up IRC All the way!

    I love mIRC. I only wish something would be done about the mass amount of child porn.

    If anyone would like to start some sort of 'Stop Child Pornography on IRC' group please get ahold of me.


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    AOL has this really lame thing called Radio AOL and it plays free music while your on the internet. I was at my mom's the other day an found a way to record it. They usually have some good music, at least they have Techno, and Trance. So I'm getting free music ! lol.

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    Talking Morpheus

    I love my morpheus, dont take it away from me!!! lol

    didnt they say that they cant do anything about it cus the technology was developed in some country that the US copyright laws dont oby.

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    All for it....everyone should have the freedom to share. With all the peer-to-peer programs out there...there is no stoping this.

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    Originally posted by Dome
    I love my morpheus, dont take it away from me!!! lol
    didnt they say that they cant do anything about it cus the technology was developed in some country that the US copyright laws dont oby.
    Morpheus and KaZaA both are based on the FastTrack P2P Stack. FastTrack is a Dutch company, meaning the US copyrights don't apply.
    I don't want to scare you, Dome, but here's something for you:
    Translated from a Dutch magazine
    From the beginning FastTrack has declared to be willing to make a deal with the copyright companies. The deals with Buma/Stemra (Dutch copyright organisation) are almost made, meaning the service won't be free anymore in a nearby future. There will be a limited free version and an extended paying one. This paying version will be a competitor for MusicNet and PressPlay.
    By finishing the deal with Buma/Stemra, FastTrack is hoping for a worldwide première.

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    DOWN with Napster!!

    Napster killed the file sharing business and should fall off the face of the earth. (Just my opinion)
    I acually liked Scour Exchange myself, before it died out. Now Kazza and Morpheus are my chioces for downloading but it looks like they might be dying here soon.

    Though the super nodes of Kazza allow faster and more reliable downloads I'm posistive that Kazza is spyware. Just periodically check you netstat and youll the random connections it make to god knows where. And I never really liked the fact that when I use Kazza it like to create all sort of places to put it self in my registery, or is it just me. Oh well, I really should complain cause I still it.

    I like limeware though.
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    Morpheus gets my vote

    Interesting to hear of kazza having spyware in it...

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    I personally like SonySpy the best of all of them I've tried (only for music, though). Check out

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    Originally posted by jparker[]
    On average, there is about 175GB of ONLY MP3s online.. As opposed to Morpheus's stock pile of cheap third world country pr0n. .
    hehe Leave to it parker to judge a program by the pr0n it has in stock..lmao
    I just wish I could come on irc and razz your ass real good

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    ohk people i dont see enough talk about opennap here
    opennap is the opensource client server that runs kazaa/morpheus
    you can download the client there and run your own server so youll always have mp3s
    also there is a huge list of clients there to use on opennap <-- my favorite for *nix & win32 it was spawned from bitchx for win32 for win32 *nix
    you can all of these client to connect to a list of servers at
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