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Thread: a guy who knows........

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    Originally posted by firestarter5
    ..86 hours?
    Uh huh! Up to 100 now!

    I download a lot of stuff at once. It should be done sometime tonight.

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    if you are using windows download a client such as gozilla.(yes I know about the spyware) it lets you resume downloads

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    I use Getright..
    But the problem is still with files over 50 mb and only 4 hour limit on all ISP's.(for 56k modems)

    I forgot to add that you pay around $300 to $500 for installation and rental of cable setup..>>cables and hardware.
    Total cost over 12 mths is about $1200 for 30 gig a month.

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    I use download accelerator, downloads at 4 kb's with resume support. I don't htink my NZ ISP has a time limit, probarbly caus I get disconnected every 10 bloody minutes, I downloaded linux(slackware), I site split the files up into 'small' 20mb chunks. Then when I wanted Unix, I simply used my schools cable and cd writer.

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    Originally posted by Neophyte

    Uh huh! Up to 100 now!

    I download a lot of stuff at once. It should be done sometime tonight.
    Now that's a dedicated modem user! I just had to laugh reading these posts. So sorry you have a time limit in Aussie.

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    I'm running on optus@home here in the good old australia.. with its crappy time limits on dialup...

    Cable really isn't that much more expensive... when I switched from dialup to cable, I was actually spending less on my net connection.....

    And its only $500 to get it installed if you don't want a contract...
    which is kinda silly cos once you get cable, your really can't go back to dialup.....

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