I hope you can help me. I found your site through a search at "Ask Jeeves", because I'm unsure how to proceed. My husband goes regularly to a chat room. While in there, he managed to offend someone else in the room who told him that he had accessed our computer and given us a virus that would disable our computer in 3 days. I have Zone Alarm and AVG anti virus both installled on our computer, but at the time they had somehow been disabled. I ran AVG and found a worm virus that it caught and healed. I then took screen prints that I had my husband make of this persons threats and attached them to an e-mail to the site owner. On subsequent visits to the chatroom, my husband has been told that he is messing with the wrong people. Since sending the message to the chat owner, I have been sent the virus, "I'm sending this to you to get your advice" 5 times over the course of the last 3 days. I don't know who I can report this to, and hoped that you could help me. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,

Well Debbie, cleaning up messes for your husband, huh? First off, I'd start by telling your husband that if he spent more time cleaning the gutters and mowing the lawn, and less time in IRC chatrooms, he wouldn't have these problems Then, I'd go out and get myself a good client-side firewall, like ZoneAlarm "I gave you a virus that's going to disable your computer in 3 days" sounds to me like a young teen talking out of his ass. I wouldn't be too worried that they actually got something on your computer. They may be right, your husband might be "messing with the wrong people". Anyone that behaves that childishly and immature is probably not someone that your husband should want to be "hanging around" with anyway. This would be like approaching kids that are spray-painting a street sign, and saying "Hey, wanna talk?". Not a good idea. As for the "I'm sending this to you to get your advice" virus. Everyone is getting this 5 times or more within a 3 day period, heh. The fact that you know that this is a virus, tells me that you've already won the battle against it. Just delete them as they come in, like you would any other piece of spam........

From: brig-x@*.com


thank you ...

Uhm, you're welcome?

From: kevin mckay kevintmckay@*.com


Exactly what kind of response do you expect from me? If "OK" is what you were looking for, I hate to disappoint you.........

From: ArTMaNz@*.net (The ArTMaN)
Subject: RE: ObSeRvEr's account at AntiOnline

Your ****en site isn't working right. Im ****en 21 and it says im a ****en 12 year old and i can't ****en log on

Actually, it's your ****en head that isn't working right. If you were ****en smart enough to ****en realize that you were ****en born "On or Before 09-04-1988" and not ****en "After 09-04-1988", you would have ****en clicked the right link when you ****en signed up. But I guess you were just to ****en stupid!

From: Josh Davis josh_davis12@*.com
Subject: Hello

I enjoyed reading the stories on the personal page. I
was wondering did you ever go back to college after
you left Pittsburgh., what job position do you hold
now, and are you making a living doing this?
Because it sounds like you enjoy the what your doing
with your life now, and I as freshman in college
without a major am searching for something that I am
interested in and enjoy doing but can also make a
living at.

Thank you for your time.
-Josh Davis

No, I never did go back to college. My current position is that of "CEO" of AntiOnline Partners LLC. (the company that owns and runs Yes, I guess you could say that I'm making a living doing this =) and Yes, I love what I do!

Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 00:02:48 -0400
From: eb
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MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: Anti-privacy is more like it
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

There are many "good" sites on the Net that do not require that I first
reveal private information about myself before downloading "free" files
that will protect my PC and my identity from hackers. I do not intend
to avail myself of your offerings if I need to violate my personal
security and identity to do so. Keep your bag of tricks. NO THANKS. You
people are ANTI my foot. I can go to and and
download free protection software without filling out any invasive
questionaires. Why do I need you people...I don't!!!!!!!!!!

And I guess you didn't have to fill out any forms to get that free web-based yahoo e-mail account of yours?

From: "paul jones" paul714@*.com

hello....for some time time now,i have been trying to obtain an adult check password by means other than giving out my credit card details,etc

Could you help,or perhaps point me in the right direction were i might find what i am seeking
I am over 21 years of age(well over)

thanks.......paul stiles

Now Paul... If someone was willing to help you obtain stolen Adult Check Passwords, how worried do you think they'd be about whether or not you're over 21?

For those of you left wondering from last week, bhaiya means simply, "brother". You didn't think I'd post that without first finding out what it meant, did you?